My name is Steve Dawson and I am Head Coach of Manchester Kettlebell Club; the first team in the North West of England, whose sole purpose is training for Girevoy Sport or Kettlebell Sport.

At Manchester Kettlebell Club our ‘Team’ training sessions are every Friday at 1800-2000 (unless notified otherwise). We are based out of Train Manchester in Castlefield, just a few minutes from the City Centre. The full address is…

Train Manchester
6 Arundel Street,
Manchester M15 4JZ.

Please note though these training sessions aren’t your regular Kettlebell Conditioning Classes, though all abilities and experiences are catered for. We primarily train the lifts used in competition: Jerks, Snatches and Long Cycle. The aim is to train as a team and compete as a team. But don’t worry if you’re not competitive or have no interest in competing, the sessions will still get you fitter, stronger and leaner!

Come and try competitive Kettlebell Practice. We train hard and get results!!

Feel free to join our Facebook group page or like us. You can even follow us on twitter.


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