‘Gold medals aren’t really made of Gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts’.
Dan Gable

Love this quote. It perfectly sums up how hard my team work. Just like the worker bees they are named after. They represent not just myself, but Manchester, and they do it well. Very well! They deserve every victory they attain. Every victory is definitely made up of sweat and determination and a little thing I called ‘Bee Power’.
Over the coming months I plan to have each member write a post about the sport, it could be anything from their thoughts on where the sport is going, there training, goals and achievements or what the future holds. Lets say I’m feeling brave!
First up, we have everyones favourite Swede Anna, with her take on the success the team had at the recent GSU Welsh Kettlebell Championships 2015. Enjoy….

A much delayed write-up from from the latest competition comes from me, Anna, one of the Manchester Bees.


The first GSU competition of 2015 saw us travelling down to Cardiff and the GSU Welsh Kettlebell Championship hosted by our friends at The Boat Shed Training Centre. Myself, Chez, Russ and Patrick were competing with Coach Steve acting cheerleader.

There’s always such a great atmosphere at these competitions, and this was no exception. Not even the problem with the display timers could put a damper on the day, with Pete and Kate making sure it didn’t affect the lifters. Everything ran so smoothly anyway and I wouldn’t be surprised if we finished right on the minute they said we would! It’s not an easy task, but they pull it off every time.

As always, it was great to see more clubs being represented by so many ‘new-to-GSU’ lifters – it is fantastic that this crazy sport keeps growing and that our ‘kettlebell travelling circus’ just gets bigger and bigger.

On to the ‘Team Bee’ results – as a club, we put on a great performance, all of us coming away with PB’s and gold medals and we also got one Absolute Champion.

Gold Medal No. 1 and No. 4
Anna Moeller (68kg+ Category)
12kg Biathlon – 178 reps Jerk (PB) and 192 reps Snatch (PB)
12kg Long Cycle – 151 reps (PB)
Gold Medal No. 2 and Veteran Absolute Champion
Patrick Greene (85kg Veterans Category)
24kg Biathlon – 70 reps Jerk (PB) and 138 reps Snatch (PB)
Gold Medal No. 3
Russell Dawson (85kg+ Veterans Category)
24kg Biathlon – 16 reps Jerk and 139 reps Snatch (PB)
Gold Medal No. 5
Cheryl Ballance (58kg Category)
20kg Long Cycle – 80 reps (equal PB)


For me it was great watching Russ and Patrick on neighbouring platforms, spurring each other on and giving it their all till the very last second, resulting in snatch PB’s for both of them with only one rep separating them. And Chez, fighting to the very end to not put that kettlebell down, and still equalling PB. I’m sure it’s easy to tell how proud I am to be a part of our amazing Team Bee! And not because of the great results at the competition – although they were fantastic! – but the support you get at a competition, whether they’re there in person or not, together with all the fun we have training, putting up with the weekly torture Coach Steve throws at us. Banter and camaraderie in one wonderful mix 😛 What is a Friday night in the pub when you get to hang out with these guys!

Next up is the GSU English Championship in Newquay – can’t wait to mix the kettlebell lifting up with some surfing! Will you ‘bee’ there?