‘There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs’.

Interesting and thoughtful quote. Right? But what does that have to do with anything?

Basically, in simple terms, to be successful at anything whether it is sport, business or just life in general, you can’t cheat your way there. There are no shortcuts. There is no easy option. No matter how badly you want it you won’t get it unless you work your ass off. It’s not about how bad you want it, it’s about how hard you are willing to work for it!

My team, my athletes, each one of them has that work ethic. They have that desire to succeed. To not give up. It makes them easy to coach….most of the time!
Do they enjoy training? Some weeks, possibly, others, probably not. But they see that end goal and when they achieve it it makes all the horrible training, all the failed sets, the learning from mistakes, it makes it all worth it.

This past weekend saw athletes from the club attend the GSU British Kettlebell Championships 2014. This year it was held in Nottingham and hosted by our friends down at Kettlebells Nottingham. It was another big event for GSU, and saw, yet again, over 100 athletes competing. Laurence and his team at Kettlebell Nottingham did a great job putting on this event. I know how hard they are to run. So when it goes perfectly with no major hiccups it’s such a relief. It ran like clockwork as people have come to expect from a GSU event. A job really well done, I’m sure Laurence is a relieved man that it’s over but also a proud man. As he should be!

There was a small turnout this time from ‘Team Bee’ with just myself, Chez, Ronan and Patrick (online client) competing. Although Anna did come down to lend her support, and provide some photobombs.


As you can see from the photo above….smiles all round. (Apart from on my face where I look like i’ve been out all night). As you can see by the medals and trophy it was another pretty successful competition for the team. Each of us taking home yet more medals. Everyone did such a good job, I really am super proud of them all. Those who do lift in this crazy sport, know how hard and brutal it can be, but they just take it there stride. None more so than Ronan.


Ronan is only 14 and currently the clubs only Junior athlete. This was his first competition and not only did he win a Gold Medal he took home the trophy for Absolute Junior Champion. He put up a great set of 75 reps on 2 x 12kg Long Cycle. Only to walk off like it was nothing and declare he could of done more!! Bloody kids. I’m not even sure he broke a sweat! You can watch his set here. Myself, Chez and Patrick on the other definitely broke a sweat.


Chez, who was really nervous and not feeling great before hand, had possibly the best set i’ve seen her lift. 80 reps on 20kg Long Cycle is a great result. A really solid, clean, performance, that brought her home a Silver Medal. Her first step towards CMS. You can watch her set here.


Patrick, had another great result that brought him home a Silver Medal. He has spent much of the past year suffering from a shoulder injury, so to make his comeback on 24kg Biathlon was asking a lot. But as ever he smashed it and lasted the full 10 minutes on each set. 55 reps on Jerk and 134 reps on Snatch. Again another great start to hitting the rank numbers he needs. You can watch both Patricks sets here and here. They build these Irish strong!


For myself, I was heading into the event as reigning Champion from last year. But suffering from numerous injuries and problems I knew there was very little chance of me defending the title. I just wanted to last the time and not give up. I managed to make it through the 10 mins and hit 66 reps, a little shy of what I was hoping for but i’ll take it. You can watch my struggles here. To be on the platform again though, and lifting next to some great athletes and friends, is all the motivation I need to keep grinding away. I just need to recover and come back next year and try and get the title back. After all, everyone loves a trier right?! 🙂

This event was also the culmination of the GSU Four Nations tournament. Where all the athletes, teams and countries competed against each other to see who the best lifters throughout the year were. You can view all the winners on the GSU website and by clicking the link here. Incredibly both Anna and Chez won there individual weight categories. Which just goes to show that hard work, talent, perseverance and a fine competitive nature really do help bring success. That and working your ass off week in week out.

Seriously though, I’m really pleased for the girls, they have both come such a long way in such a short space of time. Absolute stars. The whole team are stars. Who knows this time next year we may have more champions.

No pressure…