On Sunday 1st September myself and a few of my athletes, namely Russ, Chez and Anna travelled down to London to compete in the GSU British Kettlebell Championships.

What an amazing competition it truly was. A massive congratulations to Mark Stroud and his Brighton Girevoy Sport Team for organising the event. I know I speak for everyone who competed when I say what a great event it was.
The venue was incredible, a nightmare to find though being in Canary Wharf, and if you’ve ever driven round there you know exactly what I mean. But once found, the venue for the day; Reebok Sport Club was A-mazing! So plush, it felt a shame to cover it in chalk 🙂

Unfortunately this time round for Team Manchester there was no Mykie or Rich competing, and no Kimberley cheer-leading but we soldiered on reluctantly, and how…
My team never cease to amaze me. As there Coach I pride myself in giving them the best opportunity to perform, the best programming and advice I can from my experiences, and quite frankly half the time I don’t think they need it. They truly are the best team mates and athletes a coach could wish for. Yes, they moan there way through training half the time, yes they complain when it gets tough, christ they have even pulled strops! but who doesn’t? The thing that I love most about this team is that when it gets hard, they dig in, when things get tough they keep fighting, they keep going. This helps. The desire to do well, the dedication in training, the determination to succeed. It all helps. It all helps you become a Champion!

The whole team are Champions in my eyes. But for this competition in particular both myself and my athlete Anna became British Champions. Yes, British Champions!

For myself it was a great set, I redeemed my poor performance in Darlington by hitting 76 reps on 2x24kg Long Cycle. Special thanks to my own coach for leading my down the right path. For once, I stuck to the plan and it paid off, I honestly couldn’t be any happier. Now I move on for an attempt at CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport) in Long Cycle. For the record I need 60 reps with 2x28kg and it won’t be pretty…..at all!

Moving on from myself, I’m so proud of Anna’s achievement, to go from where she started a few months ago to lifting 16kg on Long Cycle for a solid and very respectful 106 reps is simply awesome, and to add a Gold Medal and the title British Champion makes it even more special. As I said to her she may have the Swedish strength but she has the Manchester heart and spirit. Outstanding job Anna! 🙂
The same can be said of Russ, he did a great job to retrieve a Silver Medal in Biathlon from what was not the best of starts with his jerk set. But his snatch set was so good it even got praise from the Champion that is Anton Anasenko, doesn’t come much more creditable than that.
So now we move on to Chez. She was disappointed not to manage her rank numbers hitting 76 reps on 16kg Long Cycle when she needed 90 reps. But you know what, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care that she didn’t make the numbers. Why? Because she had the guts and desire to step up on that platform and try! Like Anna she hasn’t been training for long so to be on 16’s so soon is an achievement in itself, I know plenty of female lifters that take years to even pick up a 16kg let alone compete with it! Chez you did a brilliant job, you did all you could on that day and that’s all I can ask for……next time!!

As a team we did another brilliant job, we came back with two British Champions and two Gold Medals, and a further Silver Medal. Plus Chez and Anna had there weightlifting boots signed by Anton! Not jealous much…


It was also great to see some new lifters competing and stepping up, and also to meet up with old friends and watch some amazing sets. Not just from the likes of Anton Anasenko and Aleksander Khovstov, who once again were a total inspiration, such cool guys and the best lifters in the world, but from guys like Reece Armstrong, and the amazingly strong lady Katarina Helcmanovska lifting 28kg on Long Cycle. Inspirational lifting all day!

Before I sign out I would like to wish my friends Sebastiaan Bokhorst and Lisa Parker a speedy recovery and good health, after both suffered injuries on the platform. I hope to see you both fighting fit soon and back on the platform stronger and better than ever before. Best wishes from the whole of Manchester Kettlebell Club.

If anyone would like to view the teams sets from the day you can find them here at our YouTube page.