There’s no ‘I’ in team but there is a ‘U’ in suck!
As a team we sure don’t suck, we’re strong, we’re determined and we always give 100%.


This past Sunday was no exception. Myself, Mykie, Rich and Chez travelled over the Pennines to Manvers Boat Club in South Yorkshire for the first ever Inter Club Team Championship. The idea of the competition was simple. 7 minutes on each lift; Jerk, Snatch and Long Cycle. Men were restricted to 20kg and women to 12kg. What a great opportunity to perform all the lifts without the added pressure of completing 10 minutes. If I’m anything to go by….still as achey!

What made this competition so unique was not only that you performed all 3 lifts, but that it was a team event. The eventual winning team was calculated by tonnage lifted by each athlete then divided by bodyweight. In other words; co-efficient. Girevoy Sport is a funny old sport, if you’re lucky you train with a team, but you always compete on an individual basis. So it was nice to compete as a team for a change.

‘The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.’

As coach I set the team some tough targets to hit to which they responded as they always do……by matching my expectations and more!
Everyone within the sport in the UK knows how strong an athlete team members Rich and Mykie are. Rich with a result of 96 rep Jerk, 156 rep Snatch and 70 rep Long Cycle, Mykie with 82 rep Jerk, 162 rep Snatch and 54 rep Long Cycle. Both did an outstanding job not just individually but for the team. I myself tried to lead the way and inspire my team to be the best they can. I managed 106 reps Jerk, 147 rep Snatch and 77 rep Long Cycle. Really pleased with my own personal result, I’m feeling strong and fit at the minute and its beginning to show.

I’m very fortunate to have such a strong team behind me, a strong bond between the athletes, with great friendship and camaraderie. No more evident than the performance of one of our newest members; Chez.
ChezShe did a brilliant job, no more so than on Snatch. Having barely trained snatch with an 8kg, she took the bold step of making the platform to attempt snatching the 12kg. Yes the individual result wasn’t as strong as the other girls, but having not trained the lift at all to then manage 58 reps, and put her hands on the line for the greater good of the team, was fantastic to see. A really strong showing and I couldn’t be more pleased for her. Without Chez stepping up at this point we wouldn’t of achieved the result we did as a team.
We eventually came in 2nd behind the Scottish Kettlebell Club by a mere 1.3 pts. Absolutely no shame in losing to such athletes of fine calibre.
The final result showed as follows…


What’s interesting to me is when you look at the individual results of the team and the strong placing they all had. Mykie, as usual, would of won the Men’s Overall Co-Efficient with myself in 2nd and Rich coming in 6th. Chez would of come in 3rd in the Women’s Overall Co-Efficient. This shows to me how strong my athletes really are. Not only am I delighted with the team result, but individually that’s an equally outstanding result!

I must congratulate Liam O’Brien at this point from Yorkshire Kettlebell Club for the organisation of the event. The setting was superb. Being outdoors in some gorgeous weather certainly added to the spectacle (and it nearly lasted the whole day). Equally I must make a special mention to one of his star athletes; Rebecca Suaznabar.

Rebecca_2She has come such a long way since I first met her, with her fear/phobia of chalk, to now being an extremely fine Kettlebell Athlete. Rebecca led the way in all the lifts for the women. Hitting the most reps, 145 rep Jerk, 149 rep Snatch and 110 rep Long Cycle. Her individual result would of also made her the Women’s Overall Co-Efficient Winner. Fantastic lifting!

All in all it was a brilliant day, some amazing performances, some great laughs, and even some nice weather.

Manchester Kettlebell Club will definitely be back at the next one.