The team put in yet another awesome performance at the recent GSU North East Kettlebell Open. We only had 5 weeks to train up for an attempt at Long Cycle, not very long at all with what is a highly technical lift.

The venue itself was incredible, the Northern Echo Arena in Darlington. A great stadium, if somewhat eery with no crowd in the stands. I personally was staggered how big it actually felt when we took a strol on the pitch!

Anyway, we weren’t there to play Rugby, though Mykie seemed quite keen. We were there to lift kettlebells. In total the 5 athletes from Manchester Kettlebell Club that made the journey to Darlington all medalled. Mykie put in another Gold Medal winning performance by managing 74 reps on 2 x 20kg Long Cycle, Russ won another Silver Medal managing 62 reps on 2 x 20kg Long Cycle. Myself, well I had a nightmare of a set falling a long way short I was I was expecting only managing 51 reps on 2 x 24kg Long Cycle, the aim was 80! Bad day at the office.
I’m saving a special mention to the two debutants for the club, the two strong ladies we now have; Anna and Chez. Both did a brilliant job, and as there coach I’m very proud of the pair of them. Both won Silver Medals in there respective weight category which is a great acheivement at the first attempt, made even more astonishing in that they both have only been lifting GS style for 5 weeks. Anna smashed out a brilliant 123 reps and Chez 103 reps on 12kg Long Cycle.

What next for the team?
Well we move onto the next event, whether its the GSU Irish Championships in Kilkenny in July or the GSU British Championships in Septemeber down in London. We will do what we always do…

Train well and with purpose!