What’s the time? It’s time to get ill!
Competition time is here once again.

This time the team is heading upto Darlington for the GSU North East Open, hosted by Ste Gordon of Tu Nova Training Facility. From the ofset it looks like it’s going to be another great event.

It’s only been 5 weeks since our sucessful home competition, but Manchester Kettlebell Club will be taking a full team, with one notable exception. Club athelte Rich Whitworth will only be there to support. Unfortunately he’s had a few niggles so is resting them up before coming back stronger. As for the rest of the team all the usual suspects will be there, myself, Mykie and Russ, with 2 newbies joining the fray; Anna and Chez. Anna and Chez will be the first ladies to compete for the club but I’m 100% sure that they will uphold our tradition of great performances and medal winning hauls.

It will be very interesting to see how the team competes this weekend as for the first time everyone is on Long Cycle. None of the team aside from myself have competed on Long Cycle before, hell they have only been training it for 5 weeks, but I still expect them to put in monster performances. Not only have Russ and Mykie only been training Long Cycle for 5 weeks, Anna and Chez only started training GS 5 weeks ago. So for them this will be a real test. Their training has been great though. They might not be as smooth and fluid as others athletes attending, but with only 5 weeks training what would you expect?
There confidence should be high after recent efforts in our training sessions, so all that matters now is whether they hold there nerves. I just want them to compete, to do themselves proud, to last the 10 minutes, to not give up. But most importantly I want not only Anna and Chez, but Russ and Mykie aswell, to enjoy there sets.

Long Cycle is great when you find your groove, theres nothing quite like the sight of someone in full flow in a Long Cycle set, the cardio fitness, the muscular and mental strength, the endurance, it’s all there and will be evident throughout the whole day from every athlete who attends.

It will be another great day on the platforms with friends old and new. Speaking for myself and the team were very much looking forward to it.