So, its nearly here.
The day is Saturday 27th April.
The event is the first Girevoy Sport Union Manchester Kettlebell Open 2013.
It’s my first attempt at trying to organise a Kettlebell Sport Competition, so to have over 70 athletes attending is somewhat nerve-racking and awesome at the same time. I’m not sure Manchester knows what it has let itself in for, in-fact I’m not even sure I’m aware of what I’ve let myself in for. Fingers crossed all the boxes have been ticked and I’ve not forgot about anything. I am getting on in years so the chances are I have….

It should be a great day, we have the best lifters in the UK and Ireland attending so I’m expecting some huge numbers from both the guys and girls. The one thing I’m truly looking forward to is the relay at the end. I think this will be one hell of a competition! Especially on the guys side, we have a few strong teams lined up from Scotland, Brighton and our own Manchester Kettlebell Club Team. It should be an amazing spectacle to see some athletes going head to head in a 3 min sprint. Unfortunately I will see little of it as I’ll be thick in the middle of it, I think this will be one for the video recorder…

The Pie Chart below shows a break down of the amount of athletes attending from each country represented. The bulk of which is coming from England, closely followed by some strong Jocks! 🙂

Pie Chart

Speaking on behalf of Manchester Kettlebell Club and our hosts at Train Manchester, we are all very much looking forward to seeing old and new friends in what will be a brilliant days lifting.

Bring your best and keep your fingers crossed for some nice Manchester weather