A little quote there for the name of this blog post, borrowed from Publilius Syrus, a latin writer of maxims.

Nothing to do with Girevoy Sport but sums up the feeling I have, not just of my team of athletes, but the ever growing family of Girevoy Sport athletes across the globe. Most recently all the athletes that took part in Girevoy Sport Union’s first ever competition; The GSU Scottish Kettlebell Open 2013.

As the first event to be held under the GSU banner the pressure was on The Scottish Kettlebell Club to pull out all the stops, and boy did they do just that. Scott, Abi and the rest of the team put on a fantastically well organised event, attended by 70 athletes from countries across Europe. We had the UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark and even Russia represented. But more on our Russian friends later in the post.

Myself, Mykie, Rich and Russ made the journey up to ‘not so sunny’ Glasgow on friday for the weigh in, abley accompanied by our Head Cheerleader Kimberley and new recruit Chez.
Mykie and Russ were competing on the 20’s, with Rich and I on the big orange balls; 28’s.
My expectations for myself were fairly low due to coming into the event with a few injury problems. My goal was to just do what I could, to hold on and keep going, until I could do no more. To last the full 10 mins on 28kg Jerk was somewhat of a surprise, Granted for the last 40 secs I couldn’t move the bells overhead but with the wonderful support I kept digging in. Unfortunately I couldn’t witness Richards set as we were in the same flight. But having watched the video back he did a cracking job, unlucky not to last the full 10 mins, but lets not forget Rich made the bold move to compete with 28’s from 20’s NOT 24’s, like most athletes. That tells you all you need to know about the man. As for the Snatch well he took me to school on that, as he always does!
There’s not much I can say really about the Gold Medal winning performances I witnessed from Mykie and Russ, absolutely outstanding work by the pair of them. Excellent numbers by two superb athletes and team mates. A special mention must go to ‘Monkey Boy’ who put up an incredible 225 reps on 20kg Snatch. He had the crowd amazed, and the amount of positive comments I recieved from other athletes and coaches was astounding. I take no credit for it though, you can’t coach what he does, or how he does it, he literally does have a gorilla grip!
Brilliant work.

The full results for the team were:
Mykie Leong Chadwick – Gold Medal
2 x 20kg Jerk 10 mins 86 reps PB
20kg Snatch 10 mins 225 reps PB
Russell Dawson – Gold Medal
2 x 20kg Jerk 10 mins 88 reps PB
20kg Snatch 10 mins 189 reps PB
Richard Whitworth
2 x 28kg Jerk 8.50 mins 50 reps PB
28kg Snatch 6+ mins 91 reps PB
Steve Dawson (Coach) – Silver Medal
2 x 28kg Jerk 10 mins 51 reps PB
28kg Snatch 6+ mins 68 reps PB

As strong as my team were they were nothing compared to the two Russian athletes that competed alongside everyone.
To witness Alexander Khvostov and Sergey Rudnev in full flight was as amazing as it was awe inspiring. Two legends of the sport, here, infront of us lifting.
To put in perspective true world class lifting here’s their results:

Alexander Khvostov – Gold Medal and Absolute Champion
2 x 32kg Jerk 10 mins 120 reps
32kg Snatch 10 mins 173 reps
Sergey Rudnev – Gold Medal
2 x 24kg Jerk 10 mins 152 reps
24kg Snatch 10 mins 214 reps

It was an amazing experience watching these two athletes deliver a masterclass in kettlebell lifting. One I will never forget!

So to conclude it was another sucessful event for Team Manchester, 2 x Gold Medals and a Silver Medal. PB’s all round for everyone and a very, very, very proud coach.
But now we move on, and onto our own event to be held in Manchester on April 27th; The GSU Manchester Kettlebell Open 2013.
Hopefully we can put on as good a show as our Scottish friends managed, we have the venue, all we need now are all the athletes to attend!

I leave you with this quote from Frank Shorter…
‘A good athlete always mentally replays a competition over and over, even in victory, to see what might be done to improve the performance the next time’.

Steve Dawson
Manchester Kettlebell Club