Not long now before myself and a few of Manchester Kettlebell Clubs finest head upto Glasgow, Scotland. We will be competing in the inaugural Girevoy Sport Union Scottish Kettlebell Open.
It’s promising to be possibly the biggest competition in the UK and Ireland thus far, with some superb athletes and lifters attending. Most notably Rudnev Sergey and Aleksander Khvostov, multiple World Champions and two legends of the sport. What an honour and thrill it really is going to be to watch these two amazing athletes perform on the platform.
I’m expecting some huge performances at this competition, its always an utter joy to see my friends and colleagues step up to the mark and put on a masterclass of lifting. I can’t wait!

So what about Manchester Kettlebell Club? Are expectations high?

There always high. My team have been training hard and are into the final tough week and a half before we taper off.
All I ever ask of my team is to give it there all. I know what they are all capable of, and if they can put the sets together, I’m sure we will get some great results.
For the first competition of the year some big challenges lay ahead. Mykie aka ‘monkey boy’ will be moving upto the 20’s after a victory on the 16’s in his debut performance. There he will be joining Russ. A few injury problems for Russ scuppered his training and plans to move to 24kgs, so were sticking on 20’s and cranking up the pace. Myself and Rich will be attempting the 28’s. A natural progression for myself moving up finally from 24’s after a few set backs. Rich however, has made the bold step to move upto 28’s from 20’s. He’s a strong and highly determined mofo so he’ll do a great job… always!
As for the girls, I’m holding them back before they unleash some huge numbers at our home competition in April.

Scotland here we come!…