Here’s another tip, and one of the most important. Whether it’s Jerk or Snatches you want to stay as relaxed as possible, so to do that you need to do the most basic function as humans we can do; Breathe!
In the video below I don’t go into to much detail about the different energy systems, but you want to try and stay in your aerobic energy system as long as possible.
Towards the end of many amateur lifters sets, and I certainly include myself in that, you can see them holding there breath throughout the lift. By doing this your changing energy sytems and moving into your anaerobic zones, and when you do you’re in trouble, you’re not relaxing, you’re trying to muscle the kettlebells. So, unless your incredibly strong both pyhsically and mentally, it’s likely to end your set. It’s certainly not easy to stay focused and relaxed, especially when tiring, but you want to stay as relaxed as you can for as long as possible.
My hope is that this short clip will help you understand the complexities of breathing when Jerking, and how to correct it to get the most out of your lift.