Saturday 27th October saw the annual Welsh Kettlebell Open Championship take place at the Boatshed Training Centre in Cardiff. Myself, Mykie and Russ were representing the club, ably supported by our resident cheerleader Kimberley, her husband and MGSC athlete Rich and Mykie’s other half Simon.

As always its a great day competing, to meet with old friends, and to meet new friends making there debut on the platforms. Everyone who competed did an outstanding job. I think it’s fair to say that the recent Girevoy Sports Union Seminar that the club hosted in Manchester, definately paid dividends for all those who attended as everyone hit PB’s. There really were some superb performances, from those making there debuts to the seasoned regulars….a great days lifting!

So, how did my athletes perform?

Lets get my sets out of the way first. On the 24’s I managed 77 reps on Jerks and 101 Snatches. PB’s and comfortably made my target of Level 1 on the Russian Pts Ranking system. I needed 120pts and managed to attain 127.5pts. So all in all pretty happy. My Jerks felt nice, was very relaxed from the beginning and felt as comfortable as I ever have lifting. Snatches on the other hand are a different beast entirely! I do struggle with them, they generally tend to let me down on Biathlon, so for me its time to really go back to basics and get them sorted. I know what I need to do, so no more excuses. Still dislike them greatly though! 🙂

Now as for my athletes, what can I say?

This was Russ’s first competition and what a superb job he did. Managing 81 reps on jerks and 164 reps on Snatch using the 20’s. Considering he has barely trained for the past 2-3 weeks due to a back problem, this was a great effort to hit two PB’s. What more could you ask for?
When it was announced that the event was only going to have an overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd for men and women in absolute and co-efficient, a few eyebrows were raised. This is not a regular occurence within competitions and made the event seem a little amateurish and disorganised. But, this made the way for a lightweight (61kg) Mykie to step up and show the GS family what he’s about.
Again just like Russ, this was Mykie’s first competition and what a competition he had. Managing 105 reps on Jerk and a whopping 220 reps on Snatches with 16’s. This brought Mykie 1st place as the Mens Overall Co-Efficient Winner. Yep, you read that right, Mykie beat everyone from debutants to seasoned regulars. So so proud of him, wonderful work Mr Hong!

So it was another successful competition for Manchester Girevoy Sport Club, were making quite a habit of picking up medals and trophies. We may be a small team compared to others but were a small team of winners. It just goes to show that with the right coaching, dedication to improve, and the ability to listen and learn, the results will follow.

A massive thankyou to my athletes Russ and Mykie for being the great athletes they are. You know what happens now boys….moving up on weights for the next competition 🙂

Below are the videos of all of our sets. As always there are things we must work on. The next competition we will be even better…