So, after the months of sweat, torn callouses and a few tears it is finally here; the ‘Irish Kettlebell Sport Championship 2012’.
Initially I was hoping to take a full team across the pond, but for one reason and another it’s now down to myself and Rich to represent Manchester Girevoy Sport Club. For those that have followed the posts recently will know this will be Rich’s debut on the platform. Along with his regular training partner, Mykie, big strides have been made from when he first emailed me asking about Girevoy Sport and his desire to compete. Slowly stripping apart his technique from RKC into the more fluid GS movements. It’s not been easy, it never is, but Rich has done what many don’t. When it has got tough, when it has simply been a struggle battling with technique, he has been brave, he has practiced, he has listened, he has studied, and most importantly he has perservered. This should lead to a very strong result on his debut. All that is left is to control the nerves, focus on his own performance and not worry about others. That’s where I come in and really earn my status as Coach.
Regardless of the result I’m already extremely proud of his acheivements in his practices, so as far as I’m concerned he’s already a winner. Let’s see if he picks up a medal in Ireland to confirm it.

(Rich will be going in the Biathlon event using 2 x 20kg for his Jerk Set and 1 x 20kg for his Snatch Set. I will be going in the Long Cycle event using 2 x 24kg)