A battle with the 20’s.
You can see two very different techniques in the video. Is one better than the other? not really. They both need a little work but after only around a 20 min rest after there Jerk sets this was a awesome effort. I had a set rep range in mind for both of them to hit. Rich nailed it. I was looking for between 65-75 reps on each side for Rich and he pulled out all the stops and managed 72 on the right and 67 on his left. 139 reps in 4 mins. Perfect!
For Russ I was expecting around 60 reps on each side. He managed the full 4 mins on his right side and did a solid 61 reps, however on the left, his grip failed and managed 44 reps. To give a total of 105 reps in 4 mins. Russ was pretty disappointed, but you know what, it happens, it happens to everyone. I’ve no doubt Russ will come back stronger next time. As he mentioned at the end, it can put you off having someone next to you when lifting. Thats where the total focus comes in, you zone out, find a spot and stare at it. It comes with experience and a confidence in what your trying to do. Both these guys will get it. Strong athletes the pair of them.