There’s not long now until the Irish Kettlebell Sport Championships. Slowly the team has started to fall apart in recent weeks with people pulling out or unable to make it over, but it won’t affect what those competing will do on the day. Were in it as a team regardless of how many are competing.

This sport is tough, it takes alot of dedication and time to achieve the goals you set yourself. You have to put your heart and soul into each practice. You have to find the inner demon and let it loose on the bells. You have to put yourself into places where you’ve never been and most importantly you have to persevere. There will always be ups and downs, good days and bad days, it’s how you deal with those days that will determine how you will perform on the day.

So far, my guys are doing a great job. Yes they all need a bit of work to develop that perfect technique, but then we all do. Very few lifters will ever say they’ve had the perfect set. You just do what you can on that particular day and see what happens.

At the last team practice  I wanted to see where my athletes were at so I gave them a little 8 min test on both Jerks and Snatches, with the reps I wanted to see them hit. All 3 did a pretty decent job. I can see the improvements made since we started this journey. All have been putting 100% into there practices and its beginning to show. It will come down to how the nerves are handled on the big day. The first competition for anyone is always nerve-racking, I remember mine, and they will remember theirs. They will remember when they conquered the fear that many have about stepping on the platform infront of 100+ people. They will remember the camaraderie between all the athletes and they will remember how far they’ve come and how all the hard work has paid off.

The next couple of posts will be the videos of the Rich, Russ and Mykies sets from the last practice and the results they achieved.