So, here are Mykie’s sets from the last practice.

2 x 16kg Jerks 8 mins 63 reps
First up we have his Jerk set. Mykie has improved massively on these recently and before friday had never gone for 8 mins on 16’s. Looking at his set he could easily of managed the full 10 min. Started off a little shaky but started to find a groove and nailed it. Great job!

16kg Snatch 8 mins 136 reps
Mykie, I think will be the first to say he prefers Snatches and it really does show. He barely broke a sweat in this set. 136 reps in 8 mins is superb and he was pretty even on each side putting up a pretty solid 69 reps on his right side and 67 reps on his left.

It’s a real shame Mykie can’t make it over to Ireland for the championships, as I think he would stand a great chance of bringing a medal back home. We’ll just hold him back and let him loose at the next event! 🙂