This week I was very proud to announce that the weekend of April 27th/28th 2013, the great city of Manchester will be hosting its very first Girevoy Sport event, the first EGSA Manchester Open Kettlebell Championships.

The Championships will be held at our club training facility; Train Manchester. Our CrossFit hosts at Train are looking forward to bringing the sport to town, and who knows it may even tempt a few of the CrossFitters to give GS a try! I’m sure we can rely on them for some home support anyway 🙂

The Championships will be an open competition in both Biathlon and Long Cycle for Men and Women. With it being organised in collaboration with the EGSA, we will be following there weight and ranking system. You can find the weight categories on the EGSA web site:

It should prove to be a great event and I really can’t wait to start putting the pieces together with my friends at Train. Very early in the pipeline so theres no excuses for anyone to miss it, unless for injury, or some unforeseen happenings. Other than that… excuses!

Confirm your interest on the facebook page, and keep checking back as the months roll by for more details. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me on