My team are practicing and preparing for the Irish Kettlebell Sport Championships 2012, many are attempting there first competition in Biathlon. For most of the team it will be there first ever GS competition, i’m sure the nerves will become more evident the closer we get to the time, but my role as there coach is to make sure they are all fully prepared to do what I believe their all capable of, whether to bring back to Manchester a few medals or achieve there rank numbers. Either way there all winners in my eyes, and i’m extremely positive about the results to follow.

I, on the other hand will be attempting Long Cycle not Biathlon, and certainly not both, like my crazy coach recently!! After my last Long Cycle Competition in February I boldly made the prediction I would attempt to achieve the rank numbers required for CMS. This means 63 reps with 2 x 28kg. This may prove to be a little optimistic, but if I do decide to go with 28’s I’ll be as prepared as possible. My technique still needs work, especially on my longer sets. My cleans, my breathing, all need to improve if I’m to achieve what I set myself all those months ago. I believe in my own abilities and I have an awesome coach who will provide the guidance, one thing is for sure its not going to be pretty.

I recently had to re-test on the 24’s and make sure I hit the 10 minutes and numbers for rank. Thankfully I did both managing 64 reps in the 10 minutes. After a few days out of it with hayfever, it felt better than I thought it would. Its certainly a relief to get the 10 minutes under my belt. You can see from the video the work I need to, as mentioned above. I’ll get it…..

This friday after practice we have a social planned, some nice food, some nice cocktails and no doubt a few potential hangovers. A small reward for the hard work put in so far. More to come though 🙂