So, after our club practice this past friday I’m beginning to see some big changes in the teams mind. I’ve always said Girevoy Sport is a battle of the mind as much as anything else. The mind will always give up, long before your body does!
I think it’s finally getting drummed into a few members of the team now. It’s such a huge confidence boost when you acheive something you thought you could never manage.
The previous week each of the team that turned up were on a ‘test’ day so their aim was to keep going in both the jerks and snatch lifts for 10 minutes. They all made the jerk time, and had different experiences on the snatch lifts, with only Mykie managing the full 10 mins in both. In fairness, even Mykie said it was because he ‘was lifting balloons’. Even so a great achievement none the less.
This week was Tabs turn to step up. She had the look of a deer caught in the headlights when I said she was to do 4 mins on each side with 8kg, in the middle of her jerk sets. Nervous was not the word. After a few mins with the 12kg on each side with a few mins rest it was time….
The girl smashed it!
You could see the confidence it gave her in the rest of the sets. So hi-5’s all round for Tabs.
I also have to mention Mykie (again), for attempting his first double jerks not only with 16’s but with the 20’s this week.
I’m excited with what the future holds for the club if we all stick together. With the training going the way it is, I’m expecting my guys and girls to put some big numbers in at the Irish Championships in August. What better a birthday present could there be for a coach!

……maybe a lottery win??